- Cecilia, Rochester, NY

All the help you've given me has made a big difference and I am really grateful for it.  If I get stuck again I will definitely be back!

Coaching with you has helped me to get my life moving in a much better direction. I can’t tell you how good it feels and I can't thank you enough! 

- Sally Collela, Coach   

Audrey provided powerful support by coaching me to help work through some highly charged issues involving boundaries.  She created an environment where I was able to explore and increase my awareness about the heart of an issue, while also working with me to develop practical strategies to tackle an immediate challenge. I have experienced lasting benefits from the increased awareness, as well as the strategies I developed while being coached by Audrey.

If you are looking to feel better about yourself, and want to work through a personal or professional issue, I highly recommend life coaching with Audrey. I can't imagine that there are many more people on the planet that have chosen the path of helping others in such a clearly focused and devoted way. I attribute a lot of my own sense of personal fulfillment to my experience of personal life coaching with Audrey, and urge anyone considering such a journey to reach out to her.

I have known Audrey  for many years, both socially and as a personal life coach. I welcome the opportunity to offer a testimonial, as I consider Audrey to be a woman worth raving about. Her sweet nature, her passion and spark for life, her depth and her perceptiveness, are a formidable combination.

I have availed myself of Audrey's life coaching skills on many occasions. She has helped me work through my ambiguity around career choices, supported me as I struggled with parenting a special needs child, and helped me to successfully move through some difficult transitions in my life. It has been my experience that Audrey manages to balance her knowledge and understanding of the human psyche with the wisdom accumulated from decades of helping others. Over the years I have grown to rely on her powerful insight and heartfelt intuition, which she communicates through thoughtful questions and a steady flow of comforting words. It is how she helps to align me with my highest potential, where the past is used only as a stepping-stone for envisioning a better future. The pull toward self-actualization is an undercurrent that runs through all our conversations. Ultimately, what Audrey is most masterful at, is helping me to remove the obstacles to my own truth and clarity, so I can find the answers within myself. It never fails that after speaking with Audrey, I am lighter and happier, and I inevitably see things from a more enlightened vantage point.




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- L.Z., International Volunteer Worker

- Margaret, Rochester, NY

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You have helped me so much this year. Thank you for your keen listening, awesome feedback, and heart! 

I want to thank you for your guidance and tools you provided me with during our meetings.  It was truly enlightening and I feel I made great strides. I will not hesitate to reach out should I feel the need for coaching in the future.

- Rita, Business Owner

You're great! I get so much out of coaching. You have given me a supply of tools and techniques that I can personally access in difficult situations. The strategies I've learned not only help me to move through  difficult times, but also help me to move beyond where I am to become something far greater. I feel like I'm learning and growing so much, and I would highly recommend you to anybody.

- Brian G., Architect Rochester NY.

- Jen S., Artist and Social Worker

- Deb Alt, Singer/Songwriter


Audrey Berger, PhD - Life Coach

I contacted you about my crossroad dilemma, and from talking with you I found the courage within myself to move forward on my dream of doing international volunteer work. Moving forward on this has opened my eyes to see how much I can do for communities that need help, allowed me opportunities to experience different cultures, and enabled me to meet and develop friendships with like-minded people. These experiences have changed my life. I am planning more volunteer trips to different parts of the world, and will continue on my own unique path. You truly helped me. Thank you very much.

- L.A.

- G.S., Retired

Our coaching sessions helped me to work through the challenges of retiring from my career of more than 30 years. The extent of your experience showed in how well you listened and in the questions you asked. I  noticed how you seemed to be able to sense by the tone of my voice what areas I needed to explore further, which was particularly important since we had our coaching session on the phone. Being able to have coaching over the phone was a real plus for me.

My transition to retirement has gone very well, and I am spending time doing things I enjoy. You have helped me a great deal, and for that I am grateful.

Coaching with Audrey is incredibly helpful and inspiring. Since I began coaching with her, I have made a lot of progress in developing my business. Audrey helps me expand how I think about things, and through her coaching and use of powerful questions, new possibilities continuously emerge. I appreciate how much we laugh together, and my confidence is always increasing as I tackle one goal after another, on my way to my larger goal. I highly recommend her as a coach: she is a safe, resourceful and inspiring coach.