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Amidst all the bad news about the impact of stress on our well-being, there is also good news. There is a lot that can be done to help you better manage your stress and protect your health. Turning Point Life Coaching helps you to identify the areas that you need to address in order to accomplish this, and then we get to work and address them. There is no one prescription for managing stress, but rather a large number of things that can be done to help. 

The basic premise of stress management is to prevent or eliminate your stresses whenever possible, but since stresses often cannot be eliminated or altered, we work together to develop a number of strategies that reduce the negative impact of that stress. The goal is to help your body get a break from the physiological activation caused by stress, and enable it return to a non-activated physiological state - a normal, or sometimes even to a very relaxed state - in order to protect your health and promote your well-being.     




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Some of the approaches that can be utilized to help manage stress  can include breathing exercises, meditation, exercises, meditation, or yoga, physical exercise, cognitive re-framing, gratitude journals or other  positive  psychology  techniques,   a  healthy balanced diet, massage, and enjoyable social activities. You may have tried one or more of these activities in the past, and found that you weren't able to sustain it, and so you didn't reach your stress management goals. 

At Turning Point Life Coaching we work to help you increase your social and personal resources, enabling you to better cope with the stresses in your life. The approaches we pick together are always ones that will fit int with your specific stresses and circumstances. At Turning Point Life Coaching, it's never a one-size fits all approach. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you develop strategies to better manage the stress in your life, please complete the form on the contact page.



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