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Amidst all the bad news about the impact of stress on our well-being, there is also good news. There is a lot that can be done to help you better manage your stress and protect your health...READ MORE

When we feel this way, a number of physiological events are triggered. These are the very same physiological events that our bodies are hard-wired to experience when  responding  to  danger,in order to enhance the probability of our survival.  In the "fight-or-flight" response that is triggered by danger...READ MORE

There are many definitions of stress, and there's some disagreement about which one is best. It is helpful to conceptualize stress in the following way: when we believe, correctly or incorrectly, that we don't have the personal or social resources to cope with whatever is occurring (or whatever we think will occur in the future), we feel stress...READ MORE

Fortunately, it turns out that even when people are experiencing a lot of stress, there are strategies and techniques that can improve how they feel, and that can also reduce the negative impact of the stress on their health and quality of life. Turning Point Life Coaching helps people to identify what's causing their stress and develop more effective ways of managing that stress, in order to improve quality of life and, as much as possible, prevent or diminish any negative health consequences.

Everyone has stress in their life. The amount of stress we feel has a lot to do with the circumstances that are creating the stress, and whether we feel like we have the ability to cope with those circumstances. More and more people are reporting that they feel stressed by circumstances in their life. This is a serious problem because, apart from the discomfort of experiencing stress, stress can also worsen almost any existing health condition and even promote the onset of some medical issues.    

Imagine feeling less overwhelmed and more able to cope with the demands and  difficulties  you face in your life, and  imagine having greater peace of mind.  Turning Point Life Coaching can help you make that a reality.



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Audrey Berger, PhD - Life Coach

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