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You are never too old to set another

goal or to dream a new dream"

~ C.S. Lewis

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discover  what will make this chapter of your life a rewarding and exciting time. If you have a life partner, Turning Point Life Coaching can even work with the two of you together to explore how to make this chapter fulfilling for each of you individually and as a couple, and help you to make those possibilities a reality. Click on the CONTACT page to arrange for a complementary coaching consultation, and to learn more about how Turning Point Life Coaching can help you with this transition.



Turning Point Life Coaching can help you with your planning for the emotional and social adjustments you will need to make in retirement.  If you are thinking of retiring within the next four to five years or sooner, now is a good time to begin planning for those adjustments. Taking your life circumstances, values, and dreams and desires into account, Turning Point Life Coaching can help you to envision, and create the foundation for, the types of choices you want to make in the next chapter of your life.

Retirement can present additional challenges for those whose career was an important source of identity and self-worth. For some people, retirement also involves an adjustment to spending a lot more time around their  spouse.  If they  are  not  in    a   relationship,   they   may

unexpectedly end up spending a lot more time alone, without the daily social interactions of their work environment. Thinking seriously about these issues ahead of time can result in a much smoother transition into retirement, with a much better outcome.

Retirement is a process, not an event, and that process begins long before the last day of work, and continues for a number of years. While most people recognize that it's best to begin retirement financial planning years before they plan to actually stop working, few realize that it's best to do some emotional and social planning a number of years before leaving their place of employment.


Immediately after retiring, there is usually a honeymoon phase which is fun and exciting, but it is really useful to have done some good planning for the period that follows after.  It can prove  challenging  to  make  the  shift  from

Retirement can be a wonderful time of life, but that doesn't happen automatically. The experience of retirement can vary greatly, depending in part on the reason for your retirement, and of course depending in part on your finances, social connections and health. Retirement also involves substantial emotional and social adjustments, and the more prepared you are for those aspects of retirement, the less complicated the necessary adjustments are likely to be.

If you are on the verge of retirement, or already in retirement, it is certainly not too late to work on creating the retirement you desire. Turning   Point   Life   Coaching   can   support  and  guide  you  to 



having  an external structure provided by an employer, to having no external structure and needing to create that structure. Living without structure can be nice for a while, and can feel like a vacation, but soon enough it can lead to boredom and even feelings of depression.

Retirement can be a time to explore and experience things you have long wanted to do, but may not have had time to do earlier in life. It can be a time for more excitement, or a time to enjoy more relaxation, or both. It can be a time of increased freedom and less responsibility, and it can also be a time to become more involved in the lives of grandchildren.

Audrey Berger, PhD - Life Coach

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