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Midlife is frequently a time when people review what they've accomplished or missed in their life, and it is also a time when they re-evaluate their life goals and priorities. What used to be referred to as 'midlife crisis' is now considered, by most experts, to simply be a normal life transition...read more

Anticipating the birth of a first child can be exhilarating, or terrifying, or anything in between. No matter what you imagine it will be like to have a child, there is no question that children change your life in very dramatic, powerful, and sometimes unexpected ways...read more

Retirement can be a time to explore and experience things you have long wanted to do, but may not have had time to do earlier in life. It can be a time for more excitement, or a time to enjoy more relaxation, or both. It can be a time of increased freedom and less responsibility,  or it can be a time to become more involved in the lives of grandchildren. Retirement can be a wonderful time of life, but that doesn't happen automatically. The experience of retirement can vary greatly...read more

When children leave home, sometimes they leave behind an empty space in the lives of their parents. As painful and disorienting as this can be, it also presents an opportunity for you to write a new chapter in your life, and to do things you were unable to do while you children were growing up...read more

Audrey Berger, PhD - Life Coach


Over the course of our lives, we all experience many life transitions. These common life experiences open up an opportunity for each of us to reassess who we are, and maybe even re-define who we are and what we want in our life. This page presents some information about these transitions, and addresses some ways in which Turning Point Life Coaching can support and guide you if you are experiencing one of these transitions in your life.

As exciting and wonderful as it is to fall in love a find a life partner, the process of shifting from single to committed can bring unexpected challenges. Although relationships can feel truly effortless in the initial stages, as time goes on, they require more effort. Many times people are unprepared for the adjustments and compromises that may be needed...read more

Moving to a new area can be either a very exciting transition, a frightening proposition, or both, depending on a number of factors...read more


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