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"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it."

~ Helen Keller

Everyone has stress in their life. The amount of stress we feel has a lot to do with the circumstances that are creating the stress, and whether we feel like we have the ability to cope with those circumstances...read more

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Living with chronic illness can present unique challenges which frequently can feel insurmountable.When you have a chronic illness, you often have to make significant adjustments in how you live your life.Sometimes those adjustments can involve even the smallest aspects of daily living that other people take for granted....read more

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If the particular challenge you are experiencing is not specifically discussed on this website, don't assume Turning Point Life Coaching does not work with your issue. There is only so much that can be covered on a web page, and there are innumerable topics that could be addressed here. Please use the contact form to learn what Turning Point Life Coaching can offer you to help with your situation.

If you find a Life Challenges topic that addresses an issue in your life, there is no doubt that you have probably had to cope with a great deal. It is likely that there have been times when it has been difficult to know how to move forward, in light of your circumstances. And, perhaps that's what has brought you to this page. Turning Point Life Coaching specializes in helping to empower people to move forward, and to live happier, more fulfilled lives, no matter what their circumstances.   


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Many women who have been successfully treated for breast cancer find that they have been affected by their experience of breast cancer in ways they hadn't anticipated...read more

The death of a life partner is heartbreaking. After a spouse dies, many  people wonder how to even begin to rebuild their life.  Of course there needs to be a period for grieving, which is a time when life sometimes seems to stop in many ways.  Although other family and friends may seem to have moved on with their lives, someone who has recently lost a life partner will likely need more time to return to being fully involved in life. If you have recently lost your life partner, it's important to know that every person grieves in their own way...read more

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" 


~ Albert Einstein


Audrey Berger, PhD - Life Coach

Getting started with the process of building a new life in the  aftermath of divorce can feel very overwhelming.  You may still be primarily looking backwards instead of  living  in the present and looking ahead, which only adds to the difficulty of this transition. Or, you may feeling immobilized by fear and uncertainty about the future, and not know where to even begin...read more

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