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Audrey Berger, PhD - Life Coach

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There are some general categories that are frequently reported by singles to cause difficulty: figuring out where to meet people; feeling uncomfortable or too self-conscious on dates and in situations where singles congregate; having trouble making the time to create a satisfying social/dating life; figuring out what characteristics to look for in a potential mate; being overly critical of dates, or conversely, not being adequately selective and then getting hurt; being drawn to the wrong type of person in other ways; struggling with determining how to pace dating relationships; becoming overly focused on the other person, and not making time for one's own friends, family and interests; and comparing and contrasting dates with prior relationships. Are you experiencing any of these difficulties?

If you are single and looking to create a better social life, Turning Point Life Coaching can help you discover what type of social life you wish to create and what aspects of your social life you want to change. If there are obstacles in the way of you having the social life you desire, Turning Point Life Coaching can help you determine that as well, and can help you work to overcome or eliminate them. Whatever the obstacle, Turning Point Life Coaching can help you design a plan to create the dating life you desire, and enable you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Sometimes people who are single are unhappy with quality of their social life, but they aren't sure how to improve it. There are many different types of issues that can lead someone to feel discontented with their social life, and obviously the specific reasons are an important component in developing a strategy to address this.

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