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Creativity is also a way of seeing and conceptualizing life, and regardless of whether or not you have chosen to pursue a specific creative hobby, or a creativity career, creative inspiration in its various forms is part of everyone's life. Creativity can also be a crucial component in developing your own life goals and potential. Creativity opens up your mind, your senses and your emotions, enabling you to imagine the possibilities, and then turn those possibilities into reality. It's no accident that the word "creative" shows up repeatedly in all sections of this website. That's because,  in  general,  life  coaching  is  about  evoking  and  supporting  creativity,  in  the  sense of envisioning, and then creating, the life you want.


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Creativity plays a central role in all our lives. It is the force behind so much of the beauty and enjoyment we experience in life. It stirs our emotions, it inspires us to produce new things, and it moves our lives forward in so many different ways. The gifts we receive from the creativity of others are so pervasive in life, that we often simply take them for granted and don't even stop to realize that someone had to imagine and create that idea, joke, art, music, book, advertisement, game, hairstyle, recipe, clothing style, furniture, building, technique, theory, invention, just to name a small percentage of creative gifts we enjoy in our daily lives.

Audrey Berger, PhD - Life Coach

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Whether you primarily participate in creative activities in your 'free time,' or organize most of your life around creativity and a creativity career, Turning Point Life Coaching can help you to meet your creativity goals and 'create' the life you desire.