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You can find more information on the topic of parenting by  looking on the "Relationships" page of this website.

Turning Point Life Coaching helps you to create your own vision of the kind of parent you want to be and the kind of life you want to create for your family.  Turning Point Life Coaching also helps you to discover how your new identity as a parent can be integrated with your overall sense of identity, helps you to determine your priorities now that you've added this new and very special dimension of your life, and also helps you to decide how you want to balance all these different facets of your life.


Anticipating the birth of a first child can be exhilarating, or terrifying, or anything in between. No matter what you imagine it will be like to have a child, there is no question that children change your life in very dramatic, powerful, and sometimes unexpected ways. There is typically great joy and excitement that occurs during this transition. In addition though, becoming a  new parent is also all-consuming, with multiple new and sometimes conflicting demands on time, attention and sleep. There is a rapid and sometimes unexpected shift in identity, and people are often unsure how to integrate this change with their sense of self, as well as with the parental relationship.

Although almost every new parent receives many unsolicited opinions on how to parent, and on what it means to be a parent, there's no clear  "right way" to approach  parenting.  Like so many other significant and meaningful aspects of life, there are many visions of how to do this well, and how to make the most of those precious years when your children are growing up.





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